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Why We Love Wix

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When we aren’t working alongside WordPress Developers to design you a kick-ass website, the ATEAM tend to use Wix, and we think it is wonderful for big and small brands alike. If you had a look at it a few years ago and wrote it off for other options, it may be worth having another look.

Wix is a great platform as it is:

  • user-friendly

  • has free and reliable hosting

  • can be optimised for mobile viewing

  • Wix has easy to use SEO set-up and apps

  • has access to its own apps and plugins

  • has an easy to add to blog with opportunities to tag, categories and share posts straight to social media

  • can be connected to Google plug-ins such as Analytics, Google My Business and more

  • has its own email marketing platform

  • offers a free app that you can download to your phone to receive notifications and live chat to people on your site

  • has an invoicing system

  • offers basic booking systems and online stores that can be implemented

  • has a free photo library

Here are a few Wix websites we have created:

Would you like us to design, build and manage a Wix Website that looks as good as your company IS? Get in touch with the ATEAM, we can teach you how to continue managing your site too.



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